How to configure your Huawei router using IP?

If you become owner of router from Huawei manufacturer, you must know that you can’t enter in web-interface using or, because company use IP address with subnet. Not every Huawei router uses this IP address, so be sure that your router uses this IP.

If you want to know what IP address your Huawei router uses as default, you just need to flip it upside and check sticker, which is located on bottom of your device. Here is the most important info about your router. Moreover, here is address of router’s admin panel, where you can configure your wireless connection.

To enter in router’s configuration panel, you should launch your internet browser and type in browser’s address bar. Then press “Enter”. Here will be Login Gateway with username and passkey bars.

If you have some problems with entering in router’s configuration panel, you should check network adapter settings. If you are user of Windows 10, you need to right click on network icon in bottom right corner of Desktop. It is located near clock.

Here will be appeared window, where you should select “Network and sharing control center”. After that, here will be opened following window:

Here you should select “Change adapter settings”. After that, here should be opened list with available network connection of the personal computer. Nice! Now, let’s select network connection, in which your Huawei router is connected and click right mouse button.

Here is a menu, where you should choose “Properties”

In “Properties” menu you should find and double click on “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” component.

Next step is look what configurations are set. If there are automatically obtain settings ticks everywhere, that mean that your device is disconnected DHCP server or, what is worse, IPS is changed.

To exclude first case, you can specify all settings manually. Let’s consider how to do it. You should put appropriate ticks in certain check box. Then set all properties manually:




Primary DNS:


As a result, here should be something like that:

Then press OK button and try enter in router’s web-interface again.

If this method doesn’t work and you can’t enter in router’s configuration panel, you should turn back all configuration to automatic mode. Then check in Network Connection what is IP address of gateway it gets.

If your router doesn’t use IP address, you should use specified here IP to enter in Huawei router’s admin panel.

If line is empty, here is only one way how to solve this problem — resetting router to default factory settings. Instruction is below.

How to “Reset” router with IP address?

To return your router to factory configurations, you just need to find pushbutton on backside of your device. Press it and hold for about half of minute. After that, you router will be returned to defaults.