How to Access Your Router

Do you deal with situation when you have to configure your route, but lost password and login from your router’s settings page? Let’s solve this problem.

Every router has its web interface, where owner can change some configurations of their network: port mapping, login, password and etc. To get here, you must know login and password which you can set.
If your forget custompassword and login and can’t enter in your router’s configuration page, there are two ways of solution this problem. You can do port forwarding or port mapping without knowing of identification information.

Method of finding default identification information

Let’s try first method which doesn’t require resetting. You need to try default password and login. It will work if you don’t change they. Anyway you must know default identification information for second method, so you can try one of methods of finding them below:

  • Usually, default login and password are located in your router’s guide book. There are a lot of router manufacturers, so there are a lot of login and password combinations. There can be some situations when you lost guide book for your router. In this situation, you can visit manufacturer’s official site.
  • The most of manufacturers put sticker with router’s identification information on routers backside or bottom side. There are combination of username and password which used in the most of routers. Type “admin” in both identification bars. Moreover, huge list of default password can be found in special article on our website.

After you found default identification information, you should try to log by using them. Maybe you no one changed their or resetting was made already. If you can get in web-interface, we slowly go to next method.

How to Reset the Router to Factory Defaults

Every router has special resetting button which is used to back router to standart factory settings. Resetting mean deleting of all changes which you saved before reset. After that, you can enter by using your default identification information, but one big problem you should configure your router advanced settings again. That will take some time.

Routers from different companies have different location of this button. As told in subtitle, special manual bundled with router. Here you can find location of reset button and other parts of modern router.

The most manufacturers put this button on backside of router, so you need to check it first. It can be located in special hole, which usually called pinhole. You can’t just press it.

In this case you need to take something sharp item like pen or pencil. Press and hold button for ten seconds. After these steps, you router will be reset and rebooted. All settings would returns to default factory settings.

After using of reset button as were wrote above, you can type your default identification information when you try to get into web-interface.

Port Forwarding without knowing password

You need to get in router’s web-interface to configure forward ports? If you don’t know password, you can’t enter in web-interface, so it’s necessary to find other way. You can use this method if you use someone’s else network.
This method works because of router’s supporting UPnP, which provides you to send request from your PC to router to open ports. Port will be opened if Universal Plug and Play is enabled.

If this option is supported, you can find it in connection settings. NAT-PMP is additional way of port mapping or port forwarding without knowing of password. In other case you can find UPnP PortMapper by Google and download it. That program would help you to do the same thing if your router doesn’t support UPnP

After resetting, you can enter in web-interface without username and password. To do it, you should type router’s IP (in the most cases Here is appeared window where you can write identification information.