How to change your router’s password?

Do it to protect your home router and wireless network.

There are two types of password, which you can use: administrator password and network key. Admin password is used to prevent other people to get in your router’s configuration. Network key is used to connect to your wireless home network.

Steps, which you should do to change password

There are different routers. It all depends on manufacturer, model and even firmware version. Therefore, steps to change password on different devices may vary, but usually the principle is the same, so you can repeat these steps with different router’s models and routers from different manufacturers.

  1. Firstly, you should open any browser and type address to enter in router’s configuration menu. Most of the routers use or as a default IP address. Internet connection is not required, but wireless home router must be connected to personal computer.
  2. There will be request to enter your login and password. Enter them to get in the main menu of the device. Default identification information can be found on the bottom side of wireless home router. If default login or password was changed and you forget it, you can reset your wireless router using special reset button. After that, you should configure your router again entering in configuration menu with the help of default identification information.
  3. To change administrator password, you should find “System” / ”Maintenance” / ”Administration” section and click on it. There you need to type new password combination and save all changes. This action does not affect the wireless connection you have configured.
  4. If you want to change network key, you should find configuration section, which is named like “Network name” or “Wireless”. Once you are there, enter new network connection password in specified field and save all changes. After this, you need to reconnect all your devices to your wireless network using new network key.