How to find out what IP address your PC has?

We surf a lot web pages of World Wide Web every day after day, chatting with our real life and Internet friends, but not everyone knows how it works on technically side. We can do it until face situation when it’s necessary to understand in details of the technical side. For example, if you want to play with your friend online, you will be asked “What IP address do you have?”. These questions can be asked by technical support. What is IP address? How you can find out your PC’s IP? This article would give you answers on these questions.

What is IP address?

IP address is unique address of a network device on a local network or the Internet. The last version of Internet Protocol is 4th. Default IP address is consisted of four digits, which are usually called octets. They separated by dots.

IP address is common type of addresses on which the IP network layer send data packets between different networks. IP is consisted of two parts: network and host numbers. If network is isolated, addresses are chosen from special reserved blocks. If the network is part of global web, address is given by the Internet provider. IP addresses can be static (allocated individually for each device and is registered on it) or dynamic (is issued automatically to each network device).

How to find out your IP address?

If you are user of Windows, you should enter in “Network connections”. This section can be found in control Panel. Here will be “Network Sharing Center”. Choose here “Change adapter settings”. You can do it faster using Win+R key combinations and enter ncpa.cpl in appeared field. Click on network connection by right mouse button and choose “Status” in context menu.

In the appeared window, click “Details”. “Details of the network connection” will open after that. Here will be your IP.

Finding IP address manually


  1. Firstly, you should open cmd.
  2. Here you should type “ipconfig” and press Enter button.
  3. Here will be shown information about your Internet connection including IP address.


Enter ifconfig –a command in console.

Here is the easiest way to do it. Just use command ip -a

Mentioned above methods can be used to find out what IP address your PC has in local network or in the Internet when you have direct connection (WAN cable in your PC). If you are connected via router, you can use special web services, which provides to check your IP. These services can be easy found in Google.